Guide: Dodge Ram Reflector to Projector Headlights

Today I’m going to show you guys how to get the headlights that you wanted in your truck that didn’t come with them.

Now most of us use original reflector headlights in the truck and I wish it could come with the bi xenon projector headlights, but I didn’t want to spend an extra three to ten grand. Today we find the solution, the photo below is a sweet harness that I bought from headlight revolution. It plugs into a projector headlight right on the back. On another side, those two plugs go to your original plugs for your reflector headlight.

On the back of this headlight, this is a reflector headlight, you’ve got this plug and the original projector plug on the bottom.

Clicks right in this little box, it controls your turn signals and it just plugs into our original turn signal wiring.

Another plug is to put into your headlight.

Why would you do something like this? One style, bi xenon projector headlights look a lot cooler on your truck especially if you’ve got kind of a sporty compared to reflector headlights.

This is an easy style upgrade that looks really cool, completely changes your truck. Now having a function, you get a tremendous headlight right in this upgrade running the projector headlight.

I think it’s like five hundred percent over stock here tremendous. You also get the nice projector cutoff line. So, you’re not blinding oncoming traffic. That’s another huge upside with these. If you put any kind of other bulbs in there, LED or HID, you do get a little bit of glare up in other drivers vision. And if you don’t like to be flashed every time you drive, the projector is what you want to do. Anyway, headlight retrofitting is not difficult and you deserve a better car lighting.

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