How to install the Dual Halo LED Projector Headlight in 2004-2008 Ford F150

Today I’m bringing you a quick overview and installation of the black halo bi LED projector headlights fitting the front end of all 2004 to 2008 f-150. I’ll be going over the styling and appearance you can expect from these dual halo headlights as well as all the materials and construction.

The black dual halo projector LED headlights will be for any 208 f-150 owners who might be looking to spice up the front end of their f150. By giving it a modernized look with a dual halo design that’s kind of bulging out as opposed to some of the other ones out there with a gyro styling a simplistic headlamp. This is a very modern advanced.

It’s got a bulging outlook, this front end bubbles up a lot just to give room for that second LED halo and hid projector bolt. The housing inside is all black, give it a matte black somewhat look the lens on the outside completely clear. As I mentioned both of which are surrounded by a halo ring that’s kind of where the splicing comes into play. Because these will light up in conjunction with kind of daytime running lights which gives it a very attractive feel even with the headlights themselves. I have never owned my own f150 but I did own projector headlights with the halos on my own Mustang. I did have a lot of positive experiences whether it’s simply because everybody was always so attracted to that design.

As far as the installation, this is something that does require the splicing other than that extremely simple with plug-and-play designs. For the wiring harness as far as the install goes with tools, all you’ll need simple ratchet and socket, set you can simply pop open the hood and gain access to the headlights.

Pulling out the factory headlight and replacing it with this one is very simple because they go in and come out the exact same way. It’s the wiring that begins to be a little bit different, once you get the new black projector headlight into place, mount it up to the body of the vehicle. There is one direct plug and play wiring harness for the bulbs. Next to that will be the splicing which will go into the factory parking light harness. This will take care of your halos your accent lighting, as well as your amber turn signals and parking light splicing that end will be fairly simple.

If you’re the owner of an 2008 f150 and you’re looking for way to spice up the front in your f-150 with a more modernized styling straying away from the common euro stylings LED bars. Things of that nature this way you get a dual halo design with a effect just to give your front-end a more noticeable aggressive appearance without going smoke.

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