Mode Guide: Install Auxiliary Transmission Cooler on Dodge Ram

Recently I saw my transmission temperature levels would certainly get above 200 pretty regularly and also I really did not like that so I want to upgrade auto and looked around for a few things. I have the component numbers in photos below as well as how I routed the hoses.

1, you’ll see where I cut the original transmission Cooler hard line, it’s thin and easy with a small die grinder.

2, a hose from there to the inlet of the auxiliary transmission cooler. Run the outlet of the auxiliary cooler the other side of the cut line on the factory cooler. I ran it through the cross support to make sure it doesn’t flop around and chaff on anything. Also, double clamped everything for extra measure.

3, now for the fan, I used heavy zip ties and the standard mounting push pins to hold it all in place. 500 mile and hasn’t moved at all.

4, I checked the load with my volt meter and the stock wiring for the Ac condenser motor can handle the fan I have pictured. The wires never get hot and the load never shoots up higher than I’d like. I tapped into those wires so I can turn the fan on and off with the Ac if needed and if I’m running the Ac and it’s hot out it cools my Ac off way cooler as well especially at stop lights. Win-win situation.

5, now check your fluid level to see if you need to add some if you lost any. I lost a tiny amount and didn’t have to add any but yours may be different.

After doing this, my transmission temperatures have not gone over 150 even towing. (I have a gauge pod on my a pillar with transmission temperatures). Not once. Great mod for towing in my opinion and helps the Ac out providing extra cooling for the transmission without hurting radiator air flow. I love it and it cost less than $90 at my local advance auto. I accept no responsibility for any damage caused by attempting this mod!! Have fun and enjoy.

Another note, touching the transmission lines even after driving, the transmission line going back to the transmission (after both the aux cooler and factory cooler) is very cool to the touch. Not just warm, but cool. And yes the fluid is flowing I checked s few times thinking maybe it was so cool bc it wasn’t flowing. But it’s flowing just as good coming out as it is going in. I believe this shows how well the coolers work together with this set up also my gauge doesn’t lie either.

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