The Maintenance Guide You Can Do to The Car After Long Road Trips

maintenance of your car

Long road trips, poor road conditions, or even heavy braking may have irregularly worn tires, so a thorough overhaul of your vehicle is necessary.

It always recommended that expert hands check your car and verify that your tires inspected as accurately as possible. You can start by checking the condition of the tread of each tire, which is the surface that leans against the floor. And in the same way, examine that there is no wear on the edges, as well as that the carving has the appropriate depth (not less to 1.5 millimeters, limit recommended and required by the authorities).

maintenance of your car

Goodyear experts give these practical tips:

Change a single tire

It must be replaced by one of the same design and dimensions, preferably of the same brand, to keep identical, not only its measurements but the speed and load indices of the other three tires. In doing so, you must take special care that it is the same design because even a brand can have different references in the same measures.

Changing two tires

In this case, a rotation is necessary, and it generally recommended that the two new ones mounted on the axle on which the vehicle has traction, because thanks to its greater traction, they can prevent the car from going halfway in the case of emergency braking on wet ground. These two new tires can be replaced by some of the same reference or by two of the same sizes, but of better performance and quality.

Change of the four tires

In this case, you have many possibilities, because you can change your tires at the same time for ones of different sizes, of better quality, or even ones suitable for your driving or the type of terrain on which you usually drive. However, always keep in mind that the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications regarding the change of dimension must meet. If the height of the tire is not specified, it must not exceed 3% of the original dimension.

maintenance of your car

If you want to delay this change process for a longer time, don’t forget to check your tires regularly and make sure they have adequate air pressure, so one of your best allies to achieve a long life of your tires can be an air gauge portable.

Another important point is the tire pressure since deflated tires represent an imminent danger to driving safety since, in addition to premature wear and increased fuel consumption, they can mean the loss of control of the car.

The last thing, besides the pressure, car lighting is an important point for driving safety. Maintain your 5202 led bulb headlight is not just for before or after the holiday.

Balancing is the way to balance the weight of the tire and is done to correct irregularities of the wheel that cause rudder vibrations and premature tire wear.

When aligning, the tires will generally rotate to make them wear evenly, last longer, and respond with better grip to the demand of the roads and tracks of the country.

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