Guide: How to Install Raptor Style Grill Marker Lights.

So I have seen a couple of grills with the Raptor style LEDs on eBay but it did not like the overall appearance of them. So I made my very own. It was pretty easy as well as could not be for everyone, but I like it and makes my Ram a little different.

Essentially, I had actually purchased ten amber LEDs off a while back for a project and also never got around to it, so I used them right here. Just 3/4″ LEDs, second best yet remarkably intense. Then I ordered a spare piece of sheet steel I had laying around ($5 piece from Lowe’s I believe) and mapped out/cut a stencil that would certainly permit me to mount the LEDs. Moved it over to the steel, drilled some holes, tossed a coat of black paint on it and called it a day.

Still, require to hook them approximately my driving light, however, waiting on my replacement hid to come in so I only need to take my headlight out when. I’ll snap one more picture when all thing is done.

Look wonderful.

That’s pretty much just how I did mine. Assume I also have the very same LED’s.

You can access the wiring right behind the grill, on the core support without pulling the front lights.

I will certainly say, however, I assume I’m liking the honeycomb inserts a bit more than my chrome slats.

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