How to Install 9004 Projector Headlight Bulbs on the F-150


The correct operation of the headlights is important for driving at night. The next generation of headlights is called a projection headlight. The bulbs used are 9004 LED bulbs, and the headlight lenses focus the light on a more precise forward pattern than traditional headlights. Projector headlight kits can find online starting at around $ 150 for just the headlight housing and $ 400 for complete installation kits (2010 prices). Things you will need

  • Ratchet set
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flathead
  • Insulating tape
  • rag


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1. Open the bonnet of the F150 and disconnect the Negative terminal battery with a socket and ratchet. Most newer F150s use a 9/16 inch terminal bolt to attach electrical wires to the battery.

2. Remove the splash guard on the front support beam. 6 Phillips head rubber pins hold the protective screen in place. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the pins.

3. Three 10 mm screws need to remove from each low beam 9004 led headlight bulb. These three screws secure the headlight housing to the vehicle body. At the top of each headlight housing, there is also a plastic locking clip that secures the headlight. Use a flathead screwdriver and carefully pry the loose tab.

4. Remove each car headlight housing from the vehicle. Look at the back of each home, disconnect the electrical terminals from the back of the housing.


5. Place the projector’s headlight assembly next to the open headlight slot so that the electrical connections can establish. The projector headlamp has an additional row of lights that are not present in the factory headlamp. These additional lights must have the spliced ​​power cable in the factory wiring harness. Phosphorus above the wires black to white to black and white. Remove a small section of the protective rubber layer to expose the metal wiring in the harness. Twist the headlight wires into the harness. Wrap the connection with electrical tape or similar material to protect the joint.

6. Slide the white 9004 led bulbs into the connectors and insert them into the new headlight housing. Insert the headlight housing into position on the F150. Make sure the plastic locking tab is firmly in position and snap into place. Install the three 10mm screws through the new headlight cover so that it is firmly attached to the body.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 on the other headlight assembly.

8. Replace the splash guard using the original six plastic screws and the Phillips screwdriver. Make adjustments to the projection of the lights if necessary.

Ford F150


You can see headlight conversion kits are sold everywhere in the automotive market. When you convert the factory headlight to LEDs, it is better to buy a quality kit. Because a cheap LED bulb may produce a poor beam pattern and the high voltage components are likely to fail sooner.

If you don’t often replace your headlight parts, you can save some cost on it. LED headlights don’t have the moving parts but traditional headlights have, so this makes LEDs last longer and be much more stable.

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