How to Install Led Headlight Bulb on Ford F150 Raptor?

Do you want to get a good performing LED headlight bulb on your car that provides a good beam pattern and a lot of brightness? We recently found the best one and I’m going to show you how to install it. And more importantly, what it looks like against the wall, and what you’re actually going to get when you get these things installed. So, let’s get started.


Parts and Tools:


1, The first thing we’re going to do is release this little plastic clip up here, turn it counterclockwise with your Philips screwdriver. And it’s kind of funny, you need to be very delicate doing this on these because they are plastic and they’re easy to strip out. But they’re also easy to just spin in there without the screw coming up.

As you can see the screw came up just fine and I’m able to just pop this thing loose.


2, Now turn millimeter down here, there’re three pieces screws required to be removed.

Now We’re already almost done, take your hand, pull up on this little tab here, and pull the whole headlight toward you, just toward your body, straight on with the truck.


3, With the headlight loosely remove, reach back to the headlight bulb, twist it counterclockwise and pull it out like the photo.

There’s a little tab here we’re just going to push in on that, and wiggle the bulk and it should pop right out.


4, take the H13 led headlight bulb, rotate it in place clockwise, locks right in. Take your connector, it locks in well and you’re not going to have any trouble with that coming news.


5, Now just take the entire headlight, put it right back in.

One thing I noticed when I was putting this headlight housing back in the truck, is the LED bulb is almost touching this core support here.


It’s important to note, if you chose the wrong bulbs for this truck if you just picked any old bulb on eBay or Amazon, it might not even fit back there. these ones have a flexible heatsink, it allows it to sandwich in and fits just fine. The bulb holes all line up properly.

We finally got our low beams pointed at the wall here and we’re measuring Lux. Lux is our usable light output, it is the best indicator of how bright your headlights are shooting down the road and we’ve got 590 lux at about 20 feet. 590 lux is actually not a bad number, it’s a little bit higher than normal which is pretty good. so, these headlights aren’t super terrible from the factory but let’s see if we can improve them now.

These are the supernova led headlight bulbs in the low beam and as you can see now, we’ve made those stock bulbs look pretty dim. The supernova Lux came out at 1290 lux which compared to the low beam stock of 590.

It is quite an upgrade. We’ve got a beautiful white crisp beam pattern. We’ve maintained the beam pattern. Even more important, a lot of cheap bulbs you find on Amazon or eBay today will give you a very scattered beam pattern. You’ll see people post about that on the internet. So if you’re trying to find bulbs that are good for your truck, these are a great looking option.


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