How to Retrofit T10 Led Lights Under Your Truck

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There are some benefits to have a pickup truck. Due to its higher distance on the ground, four-wheel drive, larger wheels with deep carving, less wheelbase, and more generous angles of attack, these vehicles are ideal for going to the off-road. That is, to drive on the road without asphalt. Besides, pickup trucks offer more excellent safety on difficult roads, thanks to their mechanical aids and higher ground clearance.

Another reason why people choose pickup truck is, these vehicles have better interior space and good for a family going out together. People will feel more comfortable when sitting inside. And when it comes to adventure travel, you can fit a tent, a fishing pole, bicycles, and a picket.

Pickup Truck Lights

People love installing some OEM replacement led headlight or led light bar to their pickup truck to improve the illuminating ability. These stuffs are beneficial when you are going to off-road when the place has no road light. The led headlight or led light bar can produce over 10,000 lumens output and brighten the space around you. I install the led light bar from on my Ford150, it is extremely bright, and you should try it as well. It won’t disappoint you. Today, what I am going to share with you is the idea of installing a led light bulb under your truck.

How to Install LED Bulb Under The Truck?

With a pickup truck, you can go further from on-road to off-road and can find lots of retrofitting kits on the market, which a car can not. For these reasons, people often like to customize their trucks. One way to do this is to install led lights under the pickup truck. These lights come in all kinds of shapes and colors. To install these lights, you must connect them to the truck’s battery so they can receive power.

You can install led light in 8 steps

– Put the truck in “Park” and turn off the engine.

– Open the hood of the truck, and unplug the negative cable connected to the battery.

– Place the T10 LED bulb in the position where you want. Keep them away from extreme heat or moving parts. Connect the LED bracket using the parts included with the LED light kit. (You may need a screwdriver to perform this option.) Fit the LED lights into the bracket.

– Connect the positive and negative leads of the LED light to their respective clamp terminals.

– Place the LED ignition switch inside the truck.

– Run positive cable from LED light to positive battery cable connected to the battery. Wrap the positive LED wire around the positive battery cable to secure it in place.

– Run the negative wire from the terminal to the switch inside the truck. If you cannot find any holes that you can go through (some trucks have holes in the floor under the mat), you should use a drill to make a hole through which the wire can run.

– Reconnect the negative battery cable.

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