Installation a bill of Vector Off road JKE Dock

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The camera and anything else that I may want them out on my dash while driving at the same time. This is the factor off-road JK email and the reason why I went with this is because of the versatility of all the different spots that I can no one sits in. I can mount on this hoop or anywhere down along the horizontal bars.

The installation is really simple, you just need a seven millimeter socket, four millimeter allen or hex key and then a little philip or a flathead screwdriver, and then there’s gonna be three mounting.

There are two little plastic pieces that you can pop out of the front defroster up. This is going to be on the driver’s side by the VIN number, but you just take your flat-head screwdriver and pry up underneath, and then pull out and down. Do the driver side same concept over on the passenger side, you just push the flat-head screwdriver in and pop out the little panel.

With these two plastic pieces, we can work on the center piece. All you gotta do is pull up this little rubberized tray thing. You have your seven millimeter nut, that you need to take out and that’s it for disassembly.

With the mounts melted to the rail mount, we need to install all of the hardware to get everything matched up and installed on the Jeep down inside. There’s a threaded screw and then it comes with standoffs in the kit, all you have to do is slide it down in, and then start screwing it around until it tightens up. You’ll do this both on the driver’s side.

Now that both of the standoffs are in, we’re ready to mounts emails so you just put it up and then it comes with the four-millimeter screws, and then also a washer these are gonna go on the two standoffs. That you have on either side that side started over here and then the seven-millimeter screw that took off earlier you just reinstall back into the center cubby holder but make sure not to over tighten too much on.

Now to finish it up, I need to get both of my mounts situated exactly how I want it. I’ve done it took probably 15-20 minutes to do. I have everything set up exactly how I want I have my GoPro mount, and then I have my phone exactly. I have tons of room to mount anything else that I want would want to mount and it installed fairly quickly and it’s sturdy.

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