Tips to Change the Headlights Bulbs on 2004 Ford F150

Ford F150

When the headlights on your Ford F-150 break, there is no need to go to a garage or a mechanic. The headlights on your Ford F-150 are completely user-replaceable. To replace the headlights on a Ford F-150, you must have a half key and a Ford F-150 Headlight 04 model, usually sold under the designation 9005. Things you’ll need, a kit of replacement 9005 led bulb, Medium Key.

Headlight with a high beam should be visible from hundreds of feet away. A poor illumination means that it needs for replacing light bulbs or other components in the headlamps to increase the illumination. It is recommended the reflector should be polished properly to redirect all of the light rays that are emitted from the actual bulb.

Ford F150

1. Turn off the engine and remove the keys from the 2004 Ford F-150. Allow the truck time to cool down to avoid injury due to a hot surface. Directly to the left of the steering column is a large switch with an image of a bell opening that needs to pull to unlock the front hood. Pull the switch and move to the front of the car. Under the hood, there is a second switch. It should rise towards you and then to the right. After doing this, the hood will unlock, and you will be able to lift and hold the hood open.

2. Find the 9005 headlights you want to replace. Above the main headlamp assembly, there will be a series of four bolts. In the middle of these four bolts, there is a small piece of plastic that must remove to loosen the outer lens of the headlight assembly. Remove the outer lens and set aside.

3. Unscrew the damaged bulb and place it aside. Replace the broken bulb with the new low beam 9005 led bulb. Replace the outer lens cover and push the plastic part in place, closing the headlight assembly. To make sure the headlight has replaced correctly, turn on the lights several times and make sure you have performed the tasks correctly.

Ford F150

What is a LED headlight bulb?

Installing LED headlights is not a difficult task. Because the installation tools are easily available to get and easy to handle. The problem is the wiring system because we do not sure they deliver current (power) required to properly run higher wattage bulbs as time goes by. However, the light that is produced by an LED bulb is less sensitive to a change in voltage and current in the wiring system.

It does not like the HID, the Led bulb won’t burn out after you touch the bulb with your hands. The quality is better than other car light bulbs and you never have to worry about those heat issues, lifespan, and the quality problem that you get with traditional bulbs.

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