Tips to Change The Turn Signal Light Bulb on Toyota Tacoma Pickup

2020 Toyota Tacoma Introduced on Chicago Auto Show

The Toyota Tacoma, which has already been the best selling median pickup in the United States for 14 years, is currently introduced the 2020 model on Chicago Auto Show. As expected, Toyota applied a few tweaks to specific details , such as the grille design, skull tone, headlight LEDs, and new wheelset options.

Throughout the range, the Toyota Tacoma 2020 can add smart key, LED fog lights, and 360º vision camera. All versions are powered by the Toyota Safety Sense suite’s driving aids, including frontal collision alert with the free emergency brake, pedestrian detection, lane-keeping assistant, automatic high beam assistant, and adaptive cruise control.

The quality LED headlight and fog light on the 2020 model is a doubt to add more safety on night driving or off-road driving. LEDs have been the indispensable auto parts. It increases visibility at night. Compared to the aftermarket led headlight conversion kit, the factory original led headlight can really produce a very decent beam of light. The lighting can penetrate hundreds of meters. And the most important benefit we can gain from LEDs is over 30,000 hours lifespan. The car with led lights just doesn’t need to change the car light bulbs within ten years.

Change The Light Bulb on Old Toyota Tacoma Models in Time

With the time passed, the lighting on some Toyota Tacoma pickup models before 2010 has been burnt or dimmed. As we suggested before, you should change the car light when you see they can not provide you sufficient lighting or signal to oncoming traffic, you should change the light bulb in time for safety driving.

Generally, it is easier to change the car light bulbs in a pickup truck due to the higher amount of space offered by the cab design. Tacoma trucks are the same too. When the signal change begins to act erratically, it may indicate that turn signal light will burn soon, or the turn signal flasher will break. You need to check and find out the reason. If it is a problem of the light bulb, you can change it by yourself and just need to buy a replacement 1156 led bulb for signal light.

1, Check the bulbs at each of the four corners of the truck. If a light bulb breaks down, it will give the symptoms that the flashing lights may be going wrong. Replace any bulbs that have burned out, and then recheck your turn signals to see if they work again. If not, proceed to change the turn signal.

2, Find the interior fuse box. It is located on the bottom of the dashboard panel, or under the steering wheel. Remove the fuse box cover and with a screwdriver remove the screw that holds it in place.

3, Look for the turn signal flasher behind the fuse box and remove the wrong unit. Replace the fuse with the new, set position fuse box with the screw, and replace the cover.

4, Start the Tacoma and check each of the turn signals that work correctly. You can also see the emergency lights from the replaced relay they operate as well.

Tips and Warnings

  • Check the turn signal fuse, which is in the interior fuse box.
  • Replace both front and rear bulbs by removing the lens from the outside of the truck and replacing the bulbs. Then screw the back of the lens in place.
  • The Tacoma requires two different types of turn signal light bulbs, depending on whether they go in the front or the back. The rear replacement bulb is an 1156 bulb. The new front turn signal bulbs are 3157 led bulbs.

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