How to Replace the Low Beam Headlight Bulb for Dodge Ram

2005 Dodge Ram

The  Dodge Ram features a composite encapsulated halogen headlight. It is inserted into the headlight assembly behind. Although it is not one of the easiest headlights to replace, the procedure for the Ram is feasible, and after the first time you replace one, you will be faster and more knowledgeable for the next installation. You can buy the low beam h3 led headlight bulb at any auto parts store.


Open the hood.

Remove the locking clamp screw of the expanding headlights (located in the upper/inner corner of the assembly) with a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the fastener from the headlight mounting hunt.

Use a socket wrench to remove the two fastening screws on the inner side of the headlight assembly that is near the grill.

2005 Dodge Ram

Remove the last remaining screw located on the outer lower edge of the lantern assembly between the assembly and the fender. Note that in the driver-side assembly, this retaining screw also retains the ambient temperature sensor.

Wiggle the headlight assembly out of the defense, being careful not to scratch the lens or the fender. There will still be some resistance because the mounting guide pin headlights retain the assembly. These pins need to be popped out of their ball orbits to allow the set to detach.

Release the electrical connector that goes to the headlight. Lift the harness fasteners and pull the h3 led bulb socket.

Turn the directional mallet 1/4 turn to remove it from the assembly.

Place the assembly on a safe surface where it will not be scratched or damaged. Turn the retaining ring on the headlight 1/4 turn.

Remove the headlight. Wear latex gloves before handling the new h3 headlight, or the skin may damage the glass. Install replacement bulb 9007 on the neck and then reverse the removal procedure to reassemble.

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