All Factors Explained: How to Choose Right Led Bulbs For Vehicle

car headlight

As the new generation of bulbs, LED bulbs to go beyond the old filament bulbs on all factors: more efficient, more luminous, less energy-hungry, and more design. We explain here how to choose your LED bulb for car, on all exterior lights as well as for interior lights, they can install the 921 led bulb, for powerful and stylish lighting.

Light Color

CSP or SMD, LED chips are first renowned for the quality of the lighting they emit. The brightness of LEDs is so different from that of the old filament bulbs, and they offer a driving comfort situation that you will immediately understand when switching to LED lighting. With more homogeneous, more stable, and less scintillating, the beam emitted by an LED bulb displays superior quality.

Say goodbye to the yellowish lighting of filament bulbs. Thanks to LED bulbs, your lights will produce a white light, which that never illuminates before.

car headlight

Good for Installation

If you do not have a car fitted with LED bulbs as original headlight bulbs, you should know that installing LED car bulbs is a simple process. It does not require the intervention of a mechanic and can perfectly implement on its own.

Before you start replacing your filament bulbs with LED bulbs, you must perform the error message test. This step is fundamental to know if you will need to acquire an anti-terror LED bulb, or a standard led model. Indeed, during the installation of an LED bulb, the dashboard of your car may display a warning light or an error message informing you that the bulb is burnt out or is not working. This reaction is due to the low consumption of an LED bulb to operate.

Before buying your LED bulb, remove an original bulb and see if your computer displays something. In this case, you will have to opt for an anti-terror LED bulb, whose additional resistance allows you to deceive the on-board computer.

Thanks to the wide range of sockets available, LED bulbs are compatible with all types of vehicles. We can list the bulbs H4, H7, H11, 9004, 9007, H13, 9005, 9006, H1, H3, and H8 or even the daytime running lights. You can retrofit your car by LED bulbs what fits the car, also making the design what you want.

car headlight

Led Bulbs for Car Exterior Lights

The exterior lighting of cars meets four main needs: signaling, vision, interior comfort, and aesthetics. We are seeking the best solution to see and be seen. With LED bulbs such as 194 led bulb, we go much further.

LED bulbs advantageously replace filament bulbs:
– They consume less energy;
– They are more modern design: cold white (or blue) rejuvenates the interior;
– They offer better clarity than yellow light;
– They diffuse a more homogeneous, more stable light with less
– An average lifespan of 35,000 hours of lighting.

If your car does not have standard LED bulbs, you can install them to replace your old generation bulbs (halogen in particular) without necessarily calling on your mechanics.

Before you start replacing filament bulbs, you will need to do a little test before buying the LED bulbs of your choice. Indeed, some cars display an error message on the dashboard, indicating that interior lighting is not working properly.

By installing an LED bulb, this message does not disappear because it consumes very little energy. To remove an original bulb and see if your car responds. If this is the case, you will need to purchase an anti-terror LED bulb.

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