How to Replace 1995 Ford F150 Headlight Assembly

1995 F-150 Low Beam H7 Headlight

Ford has installed an aerodynamic led headlight housing assembly in the 1995 F-150 trucks. The headlight assembly consists of a molded, outer plastic cover that protects the reflector surface and inner halogen bulb. The sun’s ultraviolet rays will deteriorate the plastic housing over time, creating a hazed or cloudy finish, and reducing the light emission of the headlights. If the headlight assembly is damaged, or the hazing cannot be polished, replace the assembly as a unit to restore the headlight output.


Open the hood.

Remove the two upper screws of the low beam h7 headlight housing, using a Phillips screwdriver.

Locate the two lower clamping nuts inside the engine compartment at the bottom of the headlight housing. Remove the nuts with a ratchet, extension, and socket.

The turn signal and marker light assembly separated from the front grille. Turn the lamp holders counterclockwise and pull them out of the assembly. Set the assembly aside.

Unplug the headlight bulb connector from the bulb. Turn the retaining ring counterclockwise and remove it from the box. Then pull the headlight bulb back and out of the housing. Remember, do not turn the bulb during disassembly.

Lift the headlight housing clamp clips to unfasten those of the headlamp vertical adjustment studs.

Locate the horizontal adjuster on the bottom outside of the h7 headlight bulb assembly inside the engine compartment. Loosen the horizontal adjuster until it is free of the adjusting nut.

Remove the headlight housing from the vehicle.

1995 F-150 Low Beam H7 Headlight


Install the headlight housing on the front grille.

Engage the horizontal adjustment screw with the adjustment nut and the screw partially in.

Adjust the headlight housing clips on the vertical headlamp adjustment bolts.

Insert the Philips h7 led bulb conversion kit into the headlight housing, flat up. Slightly turn the headlight bulb to hook the slots in the light with the alignment tabs on the back of the housing. Install the retaining ring on the bulb. Plug the headlight bulb connector.

Install the lamp holders on the turn signal and the light marker assembly. Install a grill assembly. Install the two upper screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Install the two lower retaining nuts, with a ratchet, extension, and socket.

1995 F-150 Low Beam H7 Headlight


Remove the vehicle a few centimeters from a blank wall, on a flat surface. Apply two strips of tape to the wall vertically to mark the centers of the headlights. Apply a strip of tape to the wall horizontally to mark the center of the headlight height. Make a copy of the vehicle up to 25 feet in a straight line.

Turn on the low beam headlamps to the “On” position.

Adjust the vertical headlamp adjusters until the high-intensity area of ​​the light pattern is two inches below the horizontal mark on the wall.

Adjust the horizontal headlight adjusters until the high-intensity area of ​​the light pattern is two centimeters to the right of the vertical headlight marks on the wall.

Ford F150

Tips and warnings

  • Halogen light bulbs are under pressure and may explode if dropped or scratched. Avoid touching the bulb with bare hands. Clean the bulb with alcohol if you accidentally touch the bulb.

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