How to Install Led Headlight Bulb in 2006 Ford F-150

2006 F-150

The Ford F-150 pickup has been in production for over 60 years, and according to Auto Truck toys, “it has been the most popular vehicle sold in the US almost every year for the past 30 years.” Headlights are an important safety feature in any vehicle. If you own a 2006 F-150 and need to change the spotlights on the truck after it is completely dimmed or dried, the process differs from some trucks standard and cars, and even certain other models of the F-150. Things you’ll need: Star screwdriver, 10 mm socket, Latex gloves, replacing the high low beam 9007 headlight bulb.

Why choose LED headlights?

The driving lights are a kind of headlight that features a straight and narrow light beam pattern that installed in the front of vehicles, such as the SUV and pickup truck. The light beam of driving lights is more directed than the foglight on the road.

I have actually known that high beams are less brighter than low beams. Because the light emitted from the reflector would scatter all over the place. Replace a led bulbs with the low beam, it is brighter than before, which improve the visibility a lot.

2006 F-150
Show more instructions:

1. Lift the hood and support with a hood support rod or latch.
2. Move the cover between the radiator and the headlights.
3. Turn the center of the clip push button, located at the top of the headlight bulb, by turning it counterclockwise.
4. Remove the three headlight mounting screws with a 10 mm wrench.
5. Pull down the headlight clip, which located under the hood near the engine, remove the headlight assembly. Each 2006 Ford F-150 headlight uses three separate bulbs, and once you raise the headlight assembly open, you can access all three of them. The headlight assembly does not come out at all, but must be opened to the side to allow access.
6. Pull the connector, which connects from the car to the rear of the headlight assembly.
7. Turn the bulb to the left and pull it.
8. Put on the latex gloves before touching the new 9007 led bulb conversion kit. Skin oils can cause hot areas that can quickly destroy the bulb. Install the new headlight bulb, turning the bulb by hand clockwise to tighten.
9. Remove latex gloves if you want. Plug the interactive connector
10. Move the headlight assembly into place. You should hear a click when the set moves again in the correct position.
11. Replace the three screws in the headlight assembly.
12. Screw the clip button back into place.
13. Move the vinyl cover in place and close the hood.

Ford F-150


We change the vehicle with a very distinguished look with the headlights and fog lights. It brings a super bright led light that looks great in the dark to enhance the visibility.
If you want to switch the existing factory lights of your car to an automotive led conversion kit, you can search for the automotive lighting aftermarket websites or the stores which are specialized in retrofitting car lighting accessories. This can ensure the led bulb quality and safety.

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