The advantages and disadvantages of LED lights

The advantages and disadvantages of LED lights

Every technological change in itself always brings positive things, and much more if we talk about the automotive sector. The 21st century has shown us the viability of green mobility and its continuous development, and the evolution of hybrid vehicles, among other changes in the industry.

If you talk about cars, lighting is decisive to have a good driving habit, but especially for the safety of drivers and passengers.

From a few years here, the LED lights (Light Emitting Diode) gradually took the halogen and xenon headlights out of circulation. At first, this type of lighting only sees in high-end cars. However, today, these LED light systems are offered in vehicles of all segments.

So that there is clarity in this subject, we want to give you the Pros and cons of this light system.


– They are more efficient: to do their job, they use less energy than those of xenon and halogens.

-They last longer: the lifetime of the diodes is almost equal to that of a vehicle. However, it should note that, as in any electrical system, a periodic review should do, because otherwise there are problems and incidentally, the headaches for you.

-A large amount of light: LED type systems offer a good amount of light and distance, so the driver can see from afar what kind of objects, people, and animals are on the road. But the most important of this amount of light is that it is homogeneous – greater visibility, less dark areas.

-Light brighter: in addition to having a very good light, it does not tire the view, an important factor for when driving at night with a 912 led bulb.

The advantages and disadvantages of LED lights


-Repair costs: Although LED systems are designed to have a long service life, if they suffer any damage, it has a high repair cost, since the complete part must replace.

-Installation by professionals: Being a system that has electronic components, its installation in the different types of vehicles should do by an expert in the subject and not the popular “trusted mechanic.” The latter may charge you less money than a specialized dealer or workshop, but in the end, you and your car will pay the consequences.

-Climate: These devices are easy prey for difficult environments – rain, desert areas, or snow – as they reduce the efficiency of the headlights and therefore decrease the emission of light.

In the end, you are the one who will judge whether this device has more good things than bad or vice versa. Or prefer and feel safe with other lighting for your vehicle.

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