How to Connect an LED Conversion Kit to 2005 Dodge Ram

Dodge Ram

LED conversion kit is a four-pin electrical connector that feeds the brake lights, turn signals, and lights that run on a trailer when connected to a tow vehicle. Modern vehicles such as a 2005 Dodge Ram are equipped with a factory-installed trailer cable connector to eliminate the hassle of having to cut into the rear light harness when installing a trailer plug. The trailer cable adapter that connects to the factory connector must be specific to the brand, model, and year of your vehicle. A car parts store or trailer hitch dealer can help you find the right part for your needs.

Dodge Ram


Locate the factory-equipped trailer wiring harness and connector. It will be below the vehicle, behind the bumper on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Remove the protective cap from the end of the wiring connector (except the protective cap, you will use it later). Examine the connector and clean any dirt, oil, or grease out of it.

Connect the h1 led light bulb wiring adapter to the factory trailer wiring connector, sliding the factory connector on the female side of the T-junction on the adapter. Slide the locking tabs on the adapter to secure the connection.

Slide the protective cap on the male side of the T-connector on the trailer wiring adapter.

Use the wire ties to secure the wiring adapter in the vehicle frame. Pass the four colored wires so that the four-pole trailer plug located at the rear of the vehicle, just above the trailer hitch.

Connect the h1 car light bulb to a trailer and test for proper operation of the gear, brake, and turn signals.

Dodge Ram

Tips and warnings

  • Wrap electrical connectors with electrical tape to provide additional protection against moisture and corrosion.
  • Before buying LED bulbs for your vehicle, please remind that there are many different kinds of them, select which you required.
  • The LED headlights have common features, they are bright and last longer.
  • Rember that different vehicles need different types and sizes of the LED bulbs, make sure to find out the right size and position of the bulbs that you need to replace with.
  • Please confirming the different performance of good quality LED bulbs equipped with, before buying for LED bulbs.

Dodge Ram

On the other side, there is a strong issue many car owners faced, that is the headlight issues would be caused by dirty headlight lenses, which you should pay attention to. This type of solution is to find out a professional that can do this type of restoration.

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