How to Aim and Align the Headlight in 4th Gen Dodge Ram

Aim and Align the Headlight in 4th Gen Dodge Ram

I want to talk about the Dodge Ram 1500 headlight adjustments not only just talk about them, but show you how to adjust them and a really good way to see how the rays of the headlights go up and down by that adjustment.

inside this head unit there is a little bulb and a bulb snaps into a little holder. If you over tighten it or push it basically, pull it back too much, actually not tighten it, but basically pull it back too much to the light up too far, you could pull that ball out of the socket, making it lose the full adjustment and it will just flap around in there.

Aim and Align the Headlight in 4th Gen Dodge Ram

This is two different colors, I have a basically what’s considered a fake hid and an LED setup. You can see how bright one is over the other and the color difference. But you can see HID light is obviously sitting a lot lower than LED.

Aim and Align the Headlight in 4th Gen Dodge Ram1

I start adjusting this slowly you can see that light going right on up what I’m gonna do is I know my headlight is down pretty far. So the light on the right side the stock setting over is actually where I knew it was too low and it needed to go up probably about three or four inches and maybe a little bit more.

I found out that the LEDs I have in the truck while they work and they plug into the plug, they’re way too tall and that was actually causing my light to be pushed forward. I didn’t notice it when I first installed it. Because when I installed it, I had the lens all the way laying forward. But once I got it into the truck and I made my adjustments, the fan sync on the back side of it would not allow the light to go all the way back, and it was causing the headlights to be basically forced down. I do have to pull the headlights to fix that, now I know what the issue is and I’m able to fix it and get my headlights right.

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